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Garage Door Springs

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Garage door springs play a major role in a garage door system. They are the ones responsible in raising and lowering the door. Even if you are using traditional doors that do not have electric door openers, you count on the springs to be able to close and open such a heavy appliance. This important component of a garage door deserves needed attention, for when they break, not only do they cause inconvenience, but also make you at risk for injury. If you notice that one or both springs are damaged, do not attempt to use the door or adjust the springs.Garage Door Springs in Holladay 24/7 Services


We replace both torsion and extension springs

If you are looking for someone to replace your broken garage door spring, there is no need to look any further. Our specialists at “Garage Door Repair Holladay” can expertly work on torsion or extension springs, regardless of size and brand. Our recommendation is to replace both springs for your safety, and we are very particular with the right size of spring to use by carefully checking the original. Before we leave your home, we will test the door to see if the springs work perfectly. As a leader in the industry, we know that it is crucial for us to always perform quality work, since your safety and security is at hand.


Before handling broken spring replacement, our technicians first check the type of springs. Torsion springs are tightly wound on a rod above the door’s opening. You’ll know when there is a problem with these springs if you notice the door becoming uneven. It will also not close completely. Extension garage door springs on the other hand are found running along the door tracks, stretching and extending to move the door. If it's broken, your door may part way and reverse or not open at all. This type of springs is rather easier to manage, but if you are using the other type, our technician can also repair it without any hassle. For any kind of garage door repair, you know whom to call. Garage Door Repair Holladay is always ready to provide professional services for our residential and commercial customers.

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