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Next time I will listen

The last time the technicians of Garage Door Repair Holladay were in my house to maintain the system told us that the spring would need replacement in a while. We didn't pay too much attention. They also suggested that we should get a backup battery since it would be an easy way out of hassle during power outage. We completely forgot about that, too. I have to be honest here. Our overhead door is kind of old and we only replaced the opener last year and the guys from this company were just trying to offer us solutions, which were ignored by us completely.

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So, the day of the big problem was dawned. We had no power in the house but still had to get the car out. So, now what!!! You can understand that the first thing which came in mind was the advice of these garage door contractors. We were angry with ourselves but at that point we had no choice but to open the door manually. So, we disconnected the electric garage door opener – fortunately, we listened when this company's techs showed us how to disengage it – and attempted to open the door. The door wouldn't move.

We couldn't understand why, because we are not into technical matters at all. We called this company back and explained what happened. The first good thing that happened all day long was that the technicians of this company were in our house within the next forty five minutes. Not only did they come quickly but brought a garage door torsion spring replacement with them. They knew that the problem was with the spring and so they came prepared.

To be honest with you, I was feeling kind of embarrassed toward these guys (were the same guys as the last time) and I didn't hide it either. They smiled and said that it was our right to make choices and they were just concerned for our own safety. Thankfully nobody was hurt when the torsion spring broke since we weren't in the garage. Not to mention we were lucky that the techs of this company could come fast, and so our problem was solved in a blink of an eye. Before they left we made a new appointment for backup battery installation. We had already taken our lesson and such torture was enough for one day. So, we just decided to start listening to this garage door company. After all, they know best.

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